Oriental Gardens

If you're looking to create that Zen atmosphere in your garden.

Tranquillity Landscaping specialise in Oriental garden designs. Ideal for smaller urban spaces, these gardens requires a minimal amount of plant variety and creates an ideal space for contemplation and relaxation.

We can create the perfect backdrop for your oriental backyard escape.

Modern Garden

Your front yard and backyard can affect your home's appeal and of course let's not forget value. We focus on the lifestyle and enjoyment that a modern garden will bring to your own home. We listen and properly plan on  complementing  your home's architecture and modern design. The right plants, decking or flowerbeds can add colour, texture and even fragrance to your garden while working cohesively with your home's style.

Let us create your very own urban garden oasis with a few clever design ideas for modern outdoor spaces, vertical gardens and indoor spaces.

Rustic Design

Give your garden a rustic look by adding certain elements that can be salvageable  from markets, garage sales, or salvage yards. Whether it be a 75 year old rescued railway sleeper to create that awesome garden bed effect or  creating a unique look and feel using a combination of metals and wood.

Formal Gardens

Clean and classic, formal landscapes never go out of style. Let us create that perfect sanctuary in your yard , whether you're looking for a  garden in shade or one that's in the full sun. We can create the perfect symmetry.